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We are proud to be an appointed specialist of Grotrian-Steinweg Pianos; premium quality pianos made in Brauschweig, Germany.

In 2015 Grotrian-Steinweg celebrated 180 years of piano manufacture. Friedrich Grotrian began production in 1835 followed by five more generations of family ownership. Wilhelm Grotrian (1843-1917) gave his workforce one simple instruction "boys, make fine pianos and the rest will take care of itself." This philosophy has been carried forward to the present day and is abundantly evident when visiting the factory in Germany. With recent new investment the quality of Grotrian-Steinweg pianos can be maintained and developed true to the reputation established throughout the history of this prestigious company.

Across the years one thing has remained constant with the Grotrian-Steinweg family; the love of music. Grotrian-Steinweg pianos produce a unique and exceptional tonal quality achieved through innovative design, skilled craftsmanship and the use of the finest materials. The beautifully weighted action response contributes to the immersive playing experience and simple but elegant cabinet designs add aesthetic appeal exuding quality. For us, there are no finer pianos.

We display at least six Grotrian-Steinweg upright pianos and two grand pianos in our showroom and encourage visitors to play and experience these fine pianos at every opportunity. Our stock of Grotrian-Steinweg pianos are tuned regularly so that their voices can be discovered and fully appreciated by visitors.

All Grotrian-Steinweg pianos come with a five year manufacturers warranty.

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We have the following Grotrian-Steinweg pianos in our stock.

Friedrich Grotrian Studio

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Grotrian-Steinweg - Friedrich Grotrian Studio
NewIn Showroom

Friedrich Grotrian

RRP £9,999.00
Grotrian-Steinweg - Friedrich Grotrian
NewIn Showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg Cristal

RRP £11,299.00
Grotrian-Steinweg - Grotrian-Steinweg Cristal
NewAvailable to order

Grotrian-Steinweg Contour

RRP £12,299.00
Grotrian-Steinweg - Grotrian-Steinweg Contour
NewIn Showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg Canto

RRP £13,499.00
Grotrian-Steinweg - Grotrian-Steinweg Canto
NewAvailable to order

Grotrian-Steinweg Carat

RRP £14,999.00
Grotrian-Steinweg - Grotrian-Steinweg Carat
NewIn Showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg Classic

RRP £20,999.00
Grotrian-Steinweg - Grotrian-Steinweg Classic
NewIn Showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg Concertino

RRP £29,500.00
Grotrian-Steinweg - Grotrian-Steinweg Concertino
NewIn ShowroomReserved

Grotrian-Steinweg Chambre

RRP £38,000.00
Grotrian-Steinweg - Grotrian-Steinweg Chambre
NewIn Showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg Cabinet

RRP £46,000.00
Grotrian-Steinweg - Grotrian-Steinweg Cabinet
NewIn Showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg Charis

RRP £62,999.00
Grotrian-Steinweg - Grotrian-Steinweg Charis
NewAvailable to order

Grotrian-Steinweg Concert

RRP £72,999.00
Grotrian-Steinweg - Grotrian-Steinweg Concert
NewAvailable to order

Grotrian-Steinweg Concert Royal

RRP £99,999.00
Grotrian-Steinweg - Grotrian-Steinweg Concert Royal
NewAvailable to order