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New Pianos

We display a large selection of new pianos, both upright and grand. We have chosen our specialist brands carefully to offer pianos that we endorse whole heartedly without compromise. These choices have been made with many considerations including build quality, musical performance, tuning and regulation stability and manufacturer support.

Every piano is individual and a piano chosen in our showroom will be the actual one delivered to your home following specialist preparation. We offer support and guidance throughout the selection process which will be a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Kawai K-15 Upright

RRP £3,333.00 £2,995.00
All - Kawai K-15 Upright
NewIn Showroom

Wilh. Steinberg P-118

RRP £4,190.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg P-118
NewIn Showroom

Wilh. Steinberg P-121

RRP £4,590.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg P-121
NewIn Showroom

Wilh. Steinberg P-121

RRP £4,590.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg P-121
NewAvailable to order

Kawai K-200

RRP £4,666.00 £4,199.00
All - Kawai K-200
NewIn Showroom

Wilh. Steinberg P-125E

RRP £4,690.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg P-125E
NewIn Showroom

Kawai K-300

RRP £5,333.00 £4,799.00
All - Kawai K-300
NewIn Showroom

Kawai K-300-ATX (K-Series)

RRP £6,888.00 £6,199.00
All - Kawai K-300-ATX (K-Series)
NewIn Showroom

Kawai K-500

RRP £7,999.00 £7,199.00
All - Kawai K-500
NewIn Showroom

Kawai GL-10 Grand Piano

RRP £8,777.00 £7,900.00
All - Kawai GL-10 Grand Piano
NewIn Showroom

Haessler K-115 by Bluthner

RRP £8,991.00
All - Haessler K-115 by Bluthner
NewIn Showroom

Friedrich Grotrian Studio

Please call for price
All - Friedrich Grotrian Studio
NewIn Showroom

Wilh. Steinberg S-117

RRP £9,550.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg S-117
NewAvailable to order

Friedrich Grotrian

RRP £9,999.00
All - Friedrich Grotrian
NewIn Showroom

Haessler K-118 by Bluthner

RRP £10,096.00
All - Haessler K-118 by Bluthner
NewIn Showroom

Kawai K-600 AS

Please call for price
All - Kawai K-600 AS
NewIn Showroom

Wilh. Steinberg S-125

RRP £10,490.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg S-125
NewIn Showroom

Haessler K-124 by Bluthner

RRP £11,119.00
All - Haessler K-124 by Bluthner
NewAvailable to order

Grotrian-Steinweg Cristal

RRP £11,299.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Cristal
NewIn Showroom

Wilh. Steinberg P-178

RRP £13,490.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg P-178
NewIn Showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg Carat

RRP £14,999.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Carat
NewIn Showroom

Kawai GX-1

RRP £18,444.00 £16,599.00
All - Kawai GX-1
NewIn Showroom

Kawai GX-2

RRP £19,999.00 £17,999.00
All - Kawai GX-2
NewIn Showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg Classic

RRP £20,999.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Classic
NewIn Showroom

Kawai GX-3

RRP £24,999.00 £22,499.00
All - Kawai GX-3
NewOn Order

Wilh. Steinberg S-188

RRP £25,990.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg S-188
NewOn Order

Grotrian-Steinweg Concertino

RRP £29,500.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Concertino
NewIn Showroom

Shigeru Kawai SK-2 Grand

All - Shigeru Kawai SK-2 Grand

Grotrian-Steinweg Chambre

RRP £38,000.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Chambre
NewIn Showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg Cabinet

RRP £46,000.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Cabinet
NewIn Showroom

Bluthner Grand Piano Model 6

RRP £53,000.00 £35,000.00
All - Bluthner Grand Piano Model 6
NewIn ShowroomEx-Display

Grotrian-Steinweg Charis

RRP £62,999.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Charis
NewAvailable to order

Grotrian-Steinweg Concert

RRP £72,999.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Concert
NewAvailable to order

Grotrian-Steinweg Concert Royal

RRP £99,999.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Concert Royal
NewAvailable to order