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Restored Pianos

An old piano that has been skilfully restored can offer an aesthetic appeal and a unique and characterful musical performance. A restored piano is only as good as the quality of work that has been undertaken, we choose to work with restoration workshops that we know produce the finest quality restoration work available.

As ever, we are committed to open discussion and honesty when considering a restored piano. There are many factors that will determine a successful restoration, not only of the performance that you hear and play but also the longevity of the instrument.

Other restored and used pianos

Bechstein Model 9 (Restored)

All - Bechstein Model 9 (Restored)
RestoredIn Showroom

Schiedmayer Grand Piano (Restored)

All - Schiedmayer Grand Piano (Restored)
RestoredIn Showroom

C Bechstein Model A Grand (Restored)

All - C Bechstein Model A Grand (Restored)
RestoredIn Showroom

Bluthner Baby Grand (Restored)

All - Bluthner Baby Grand (Restored)
RestoredIn Showroom

Steinway Model O (Restored)

All - Steinway Model O (Restored)