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Used Pianos

A used or second hand piano can be worth considering against new options, particularly on price and aesthetic appeal. However, every used piano has a history to take into account when considering as a suitable purchase. Historic build quality, age, amount of use, stability of past environment are all relevant considerations when deciding if a used piano is a suitable choice.

After a lifetime spent with pianos Ben understands and recognises these considerations which will be discussed in detail with any customer considering a used piano purchase.

Gebr Niendorf Upright

All - Gebr Niendorf Upright
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Welmar Upright

All - Welmar Upright
UsedIn Showroom

Wendl & Lung Upright

All - Wendl & Lung Upright
UsedIn Showroom

Reid-Sohn Upright

All - Reid-Sohn Upright
UsedIn Showroom

Yamaha U3

All - Yamaha U3
UsedIn Showroom

Yamaha YUA Upright

All - Yamaha YUA Upright
UsedIn Showroom

Marshall & Rose Pianola (Used)

£4,995.00 £2,995.00
All - Marshall & Rose Pianola (Used)
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