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Upright Pianos

Upright pianos can fit into most homes, most commonly against a wall, making them a good option for many people when considering a piano.

The number of different manufacturers, styles, prices and technical design claims can be confusing, we are here to simplify the process of understanding what is on offer. We choose to invest in and display upright pianos that we believe to offer excellent performance and value. Upright pianos come in different sizes, finishes and colours, make an appointment and we will guide you through your considerations with our straight forward and honest advice.

Kawai K-15 Upright

RRP £3,444.00 £2,995.00
All - Kawai K-15 Upright
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Wilh. Steinberg P-118

RRP £4,610.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg P-118
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Kawai K-200

RRP £4,777.00 £4,199.00
All - Kawai K-200
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Wilh. Steinberg P-121

RRP £4,960.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg P-121
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Kawai K-300

RRP £5,444.00 £4,799.00
All - Kawai K-300
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Wilh. Steinberg P-121

RRP £5,490.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg P-121
NewAvailable to order

Wilh. Steinberg P-125E

RRP £5,490.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg P-125E
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Kawai K-300-ATX (K-Series)

RRP £6,999.00 £6,199.00
All - Kawai K-300-ATX (K-Series)
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Kawai K-500

RRP £8,222.00 £7,199.00
All - Kawai K-500
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Haessler K-115 by Bluthner

RRP £8,991.00 £7,190.00
All - Haessler K-115 by Bluthner
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Friedrich Grotrian Studio

Please call for price
All - Friedrich Grotrian Studio
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Friedrich Grotrian

RRP £9,999.00
All - Friedrich Grotrian
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Haessler K-118 by Bluthner

RRP £10,096.00 £8,075.00
All - Haessler K-118 by Bluthner
NewIn ShowroomSALE

Wilh. Steinberg S-117

RRP £10,500.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg S-117
NewAvailable to order

Kawai K-600 AS

Please call for price
All - Kawai K-600 AS
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Haessler K-124 by Bluthner

RRP £11,119.00
All - Haessler K-124 by Bluthner
NewAvailable to order

Grotrian-Steinweg Cristal

RRP £11,299.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Cristal
NewAvailable to order

Wilh. Steinberg S-125

RRP £11,540.00
All - Wilh. Steinberg S-125
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Grotrian-Steinweg Contour

RRP £12,299.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Contour
NewIn Showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg Canto

RRP £13,499.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Canto
NewAvailable to order

Grotrian-Steinweg Carat

RRP £14,999.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Carat
NewIn Showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg Classic

RRP £20,999.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Classic
NewIn Showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg Concertino

RRP £29,500.00
All - Grotrian-Steinweg Concertino
NewIn ShowroomReserved

Calisia Upright (Used)

All - Calisia Upright (Used)
UsedIn Showroom

Steinmayer Upright (Used)

All - Steinmayer Upright (Used)

Gebr Niendorf Upright (Used)

£1,495.00 £1,295.00
All - Gebr Niendorf Upright (Used)

Kohler & Campbell Upright (Used)

All - Kohler & Campbell Upright (Used)
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Welmar Upright (Used)

£1,990.00 £1,750.00
All - Welmar Upright (Used)
UsedIn Showroom

Kemble Cambridge Upright (Used)

£2,250.00 £1,990.00
All - Kemble Cambridge Upright (Used)
UsedIn Showroom

Gors & Kallmann Upright (Used)

All - Gors & Kallmann Upright (Used)
UsedIn Showroom

Yamaha U1 (Used)

All - Yamaha U1 (Used)

Broadwood Baby Grand (Used)

All - Broadwood Baby Grand (Used)

Marshall & Rose Pianola (Used)

£4,995.00 £2,995.00
All - Marshall & Rose Pianola (Used)
UsedIn Showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg Cristal (Used)

All - Grotrian-Steinweg Cristal (Used)

Grotrian-Steinweg Carat (Used)

All - Grotrian-Steinweg Carat (Used)