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Kawai Digital Pianos

We acknowledge that there are occasions where a digital piano can be a good choice against an acoustic piano, informed discussion is needed to help make this choice. Considerations such as price, space constraints, situation of the instrument in the home and the use of technology are some of the relevant topics to be addressed.

As a piano specialist, we are predominantly concerned by the quality of the tone and touch of a digital piano, the ability to replicate the performance of an acoustic piano as far as is possible.

Inspired by their fine acoustic pianos, Kawai produce a market-leading range of digital pianos that can claim to be the most authentic available. Kawai digital pianos feature Progressive Harmonic Imaging, 88 key sampling technology and grade-weighted keyboard actions. The use of advanced technology and extensive knowledge of acoustic piano manufacture result in an impressive range of digital pianos.

Kawai Digital Pianos

We stock a range of Kawai digital pianos alongside our acoustic pianos and welcome open discussion and comparison in our showrooms.

We offer to deliver Kawai digital pianos fully assembled and provide comprehensive support during the five-year warranty period.

As ever, we are committed to providing our customers a quality service. With this in mind we offer the possibility to upgrade a digital piano to an acoustic piano with us when appropriate.

Visit our showrooms to discuss your requirements with both digital and acoustic pianos on display to play and discover.