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Grotrian-Steinweg Classic

Ben Wheeler Pianos | Grotrian-Steinweg Classic-01

The Classic is among the finest pianos ever made. The tone is clear and refined and this instrument is exceptionally versatile. You can play it with passion and virtuosity, secure in the knowledge that the sound of the Classic will impress not just you but everyone listening as well.

The most popular upright of the Grotrian-Steinweg upright models. The 124 cm height provides a superb blend of power and sophistication. The complex tone is clear and rich, the more you play this piano the more tonal possibilities and variation you will discover. Simply unbelievable for any style of music making.
- Ben Wheeler


RRP £20,999.00
ModelClassic (Upright) (New)
AvailabilityIn Showroom
Dimensions124 x 148 x 57 cm, 255 kg
FinishBlack Polished, Wood Finish Available

Included in your purchase from us:

  • Specialist technical preparation including tuning, regulation and voicing
  • Local ground floor delivery from our professional and experienced team
  • A complimentary piano tuning with regulation and voicing check
  • Matching piano stool
  • Twelve month service guarantee

We will offer a regular piano tuning service with on-going maintenance and support.

Customer Review

The action was unquestionably first class, the top end crystal clear and the bass wonderfully resonant and deep. Having access to all these qualities in an upright piano is, in my view, simply unique. - Nick, Cumbria