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Wilh. Steinberg S-188

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The Signature series of Wilh.Steinberg pianos are designed and handcrafted in their factory in Eisenberg, Germany. The Signature series was developed and introduced in 2015 following design improvements and optimisations. The finest materials are used by skilled craftsmen to produce instruments with an exhilarating sound quality and intense tonal properties.

This is a truly remarkable German piano at a very competitive price. The tonal performance is strong and individual, full of character and musicality. I am extremely impressed with this piano and would encourage anyone considering a grand piano at this price to visit and put it through its paces.
- Ben Wheeler


RRP £28,590.00
ModelS-188 (Grand) (New)
AvailabilityIn Showroom
Dimensions187 (D) × 154 (W) × 101 (H)
FinishBlack Polished

Included in your purchase from us:

  • Specialist technical preparation including tuning, regulation and voicing
  • Local ground floor delivery from our professional and experienced team
  • A complimentary piano tuning with regulation and voicing check
  • Matching piano stool
  • Twelve month service guarantee

We will offer a regular piano tuning service with on-going maintenance and support.

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