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Feurich 122 Universal

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The Feurich 122 model has become an award-winning best-seller. It was redeveloped in 2010/11 by the Feurich team of experts in order to improve on its quality even further. The 122 has a strong, rich tone with a mellow characteristic consistent with fine European pianos.

I have worked with Feurich pianos for a number of years, since they were formally Wendl & Lung, and find them very impressive and exceptional value for money. The 122cm universal model really took the UK by storm when it was first introduced and has undergone improvements and refinements since this time. The pianos give a full rich performance with a particularly strong bass which is often enjoyed in our showroom.
- Ben Wheeler


RRP £4,500.00 £3,995.00
Model122-Universal (Upright)
AvailabilityIn Showroom
DimensionsW 151.5 cm x H 122cm x D 60cm
FinishBlack Polished
Additional Infona

Included in your purchase from us:

  • Specialist technical preparation including tuning, regulation and voicing
  • Local ground floor delivery from our professional and experienced team
  • A complimentary piano tuning with regulation and voicing check
  • Matching piano stool
  • Twelve month service guarantee

We will offer a regular piano tuning service with on-going maintenance and support.

Customer Review

The new pianos Feurich pianos are outstanding instruments. They bring such joy to our pupils and teachers and really transform the teaching experience.  - Tim Bennett

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