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We invite you to visit our rural piano showrooms and experience a large selection of new and used, grand and upright pianos for sale.

We are an authorised specialist of Grotrian-Steinweg pianos, a leading Kawai stockist and feature new pianos from Bluthner, Haessler and Wilh Steinberg. We also display high quality restored pianos in our showrooms and a selection of used pianos to suit all abilities.

Our showrooms are located on the border of Hampshire and Berkshire in the village of Little London.

Please contact us to arrange your visit.

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We are a Grotrian-Steinweg specialist, leading Kawai acoustic piano selection centre and authorised stockists of Wilh. Steinberg and Bluthner pianos.

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Over one hundred years ago, in a humble workshop in japan, Koichi Kawai embarked upon a journey-a spiritual quest to design and build a piano that would one day be called “the finest”. A generation later, this dream burned intensely in the heart of Shigeru Kawai.

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Customer Review

The art of selling pianos is taking the time and care to find out exactly the point at which someone's heart will sing every time they sit down to play. A match of financial and spatial considerations, possibly other practical things, and understanding how someone plays. What they like. How big their piano dreams are. It was with a generous application of this art from Ben that I am now the happy owner of my fabulous Kawai GX-1. A beautifully responsive piano with a tone that, fingers permitting of course, can both effervescently sparkle and smoulder with intense warmth. It's a shame in many ways that Ben is so good with pianos and car now, finally, knows the way along those country lanes. I miss the smiling welcome, the chat and the chance to play everything and anything in the showroom just because I'm there and it's endlessly fun to do so. But. I have a wonderful piano. I love it. I don't need to visit any more. Sadly. If you have a piano need or desire or an itch that won't go away, just go and see Ben. It's really very simple.

Ms Myra Brunton