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Visit our showrooms and experience a large selection of new and used, grand and upright pianos for sale.

We are an authorised dealer of Grotrian-Steinweg pianos, one of the UK’s leading Kawai stockists and feature new pianos from Bluthner, Haessler, Irmler, Feurich and Bentley. We also display high quality restored pianos in our showrooms and a selection of used pianos to suit all abilities.

Our showrooms are located on the border of Hampshire and Berkshire in the village of Little London.

Please contact us to arrange your visit to our showrooms.

Our Specialist Brands

We are a Grotrian-Steinweg specialist, a leading Kawai acoustic piano selection centre and an official Bluthner piano centre.

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Over one hundred years ago, in a humble workshop in japan, Koichi Kawai embarked upon a journey-a spiritual quest to design and build a piano that would one day be called “the finest”. A generation later, this dream burned intensely in the heart of Shigeru Kawai.

Customer Review

At the beginning of our epic search for the perfect grand piano my son, Joe, and I discovered Ben Wheeler's showroom hidden deep in the Hampshire country side where he enthusiastically welcomed us into his piano paradise. We loved everything about the Grotrians but they were outside our budget. Ben suggested that a reconditioned piano might suit us and told us about a Grotrian that was being restored. In the meantime, we visited endless showrooms from Ringwood to Cardiff, from Soho to Finsbury Park. Ben kept in touch with us throughout our travels and we came to rely on his advice. When we started veering towards Petrovs he kindly found about them for us, even though he doesn’t sell them, and allayed our anxieties about Petrov’s previous reputation. We were seriously contemplating buying one when Ben’s reconditioned Grotrian arrived, a beautiful instrument that perhaps sounded even better than the new ones! We were very tempted but its age worried us. We were proving very hard to please but we had learnt a lot about pianos and we could now tell Ben what we wanted - we would like a large second hand grand piano of the highest quality that was not too old and had been well maintained. ‘Wouldn’t we all!’, was Ben’s response. A few days later Ben rang to say that he had, miraculously, found what we wanted - a ten year old Shigiru Kawai that had belonged to a music professor. Ben had it transported from Wales to his showroom so that we could try it. Needless to say we both loved it and it is now our most cherished possession. During our search we played some amazing pianos - and some terrible ones - and became, in a small way, connoisseurs of piano showrooms. Ben’s professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment to making sure that we ended up with the right piano, to say nothing of his ability to magic up an incredible instrument that was exactly what we wanted, sets him miles apart from anyone else we dealt with.

Michael Arthur

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