Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome discussion on anything piano related and will happily share our views and recommendations. Here are some commonly asked questions with relevant answers.

What is included in a piano purchase?

Once you have selected your piano it will be fully prepared by us before leaving the showroom. This work includes tuning, regulation and voicing check and cabinet polishing. Tobie will contact you to arrange delivery. Local ground floor delivery is included in your purchase. Your piano will be accompanied by a suitable piano stool which is also included in your purchase from us. After a settling in period we visit your home to carry out a complimentary tuning, checking on regulation and voicing once again in your home.

Can I visit without an appointment?

Your visit with an appointment guarantees you a quiet environment to discuss and play the pianos without interruption. When you are in our showroom, we like to give you undivided attention to answer your questions and help you with your choice of piano. We are passionate about making your visit as enjoyable and informative as possible. Therefore, we run the showroom by appointment only.

What does an appointment involve?

Much conversation, piano playing and coffee!

There is no set format to an appointment to our showroom. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal. Generally there will be much conversation and discussion of the considerations when choosing a piano. We will share our views and make suggestions of which pianos may be suitable. We can demonstrate the pianos if required but prefer to encourage pianists to play and form their opinions with our guidance. We have many years of experience in matching people to pianos and continue to find this incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.

Can you take our old piano away?

Yes, we are able to take away any old pianos. We usually combine it with the delivery of our new one!

Do you offer part exchange?

We always consider part exchange.

Do you sell piano stools?

We always supply a piano stool to match a piano supplied by us.

Do you teach the piano?

Teaching piano is not part of our offered services. However, we know and work with many piano teachers and will be happy to recommend a suitable piano teacher for you.

Do you supply digital pianos?

We firmly believe that the touch, response and tonal quality of a good acoustic piano cannot be replicated by a digital one. Our expertise is in the traditional ‘real piano’ and we strongly believe the sound of a ‘real piano’ cannot be beaten.

Do I have to pay a delivery cost?

When you buy a piano from us, free local ground floor delivery is included along with a complimentary tuning.

How far do you deliver?

We are happy to transport your piano anywhere in the UK.

How often does my piano need tuning?

In most domestic situations we recommend that a piano is tuned twice a year. Regular tuning is essential in maintaining the correct pitch and musical performance of your piano. Ben and our team of expert tuners will advise on all care and maintenance recommendations for your piano.

Can you do home visits?

Ben would be happy to come and visit your home. There are many considerations to discuss which can be helped by seeing the environment that the piano will go into. Ben carries grand piano templates to help assess positioning and suitability of size within a room. Detailed discussion on styling, colour, finish, musical performance, acoustic considerations and much more will be enjoyed in a relaxed and informative way. Following this visit Ben may recommend an appointment at the showroom to view and discuss different models and styles of pianos and demonstrate tonal differences and choices.

Should we buy a piano from the internet?

Absolutely not! There are many factors that contribute to the performance of a piano and even new mass produced pianos can vary from model to model. Used pianos will vary even more as the process of aging and wear will contribute to the playing performance. We believe in giving choice to our customers, it is only by playing and comparing different pianos that an informed choice can be made. The actual instrument chosen in our showroom will be the one prepared and delivered to the customer. We are very reluctant to supply a piano unseen and would only do so after much discussion and particular circumstances.

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