My introduction to Ronisch pianos came through my long-standing association with Bluthner, a piano maker renowned for the high build quality of their pianos.

Production of Ronisch pianos began in the Bluthner factory in 2009 with the pianos being redesigned in 2010 to their current specifications.

I visited the Bluthner factory in Leipzig to see first-hand the production of the Ronisch pianos and left inspired and excited by the prospect of adding Ronisch pianos to our showroom collection.

The Ronisch pianos are exceptionally well made and beautifully finished with a wide range of wood finish cabinets available. The tonal quality is mellow and resonant, a voice long associated with pianos produced in the Leipzig factory.

The Ronisch range of pianos are a wonderful addition to our showroom presenting another quality choice with a strong tonal identity.

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