Used Pianos

A used or second hand piano can be worth considering against new options, particularly on price and aesthetic appeal. However, every used piano has a history to take into account when considering as a suitable purchase. Historic build quality, age, amount of use, stability of past environment are all relevant considerations when deciding if a used piano is a suitable choice.

All of our second hand pianos are comprehensively serviced by us before being presented for sale. The purchase prices include ground floor delivery, piano stool, guarantee and a complimentary tuning in your home.

Restored Pianos

An old piano that has been skilfully restored can offer an aesthetic appeal and a unique and characterful musical performance.

Used Grotrian-Steinweg Chambre Grand Piano

£32,000 In Showroom

This 165cm Grotrian-Steinweg recently arrived from Germany. It has been owned by one private owner and had a new action and keyboard fitted in the Grotrian-Steinweg factory in 2012. Highly recommended.

Used Grotrian-Steinweg Concertino Upright Piano

£15,250 In Showroom

This beautiful Grotrian-Steinweg Concertino dates from 1998. It has been owned privately since new and is in exceptional condition throughout. A wonderful opportunity to own a top of the range Grotrian-Steinweg.

Used Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

£10,950 Sold

This piano dates from 1992 and has one private owner. Unusually for this model it is in a satin walnut cabinet. We have serviced the piano and present it as an excellent used piano purchase.

Used Grotrian-Steinweg Cristal Upright Piano

£10,750 In Showroom

This beautiful Grotrian-Steinweg model has just come back to us just three years after we supplied it new. A beautiful piano, this model was always our most popular choice in the Grotrian-Steinweg range. This piano has an exceptional, fine quality musical tone.

Used Weinbach Grand Piano

£9,450 In Showroom

This European-made grand piano has been privately owned by one owner. It has been regularly tuned and maintained and is in excellent condition. It measures around 6ft and produces a full and resonant musical performance.

Used Yamaha YU30 Upright Piano

£8,950 In Showroom

Professional series of the Yamaha U3 from 2006.

Used Yamaha YU1 Upright Piano

£7,895 In Showroom

This 2001 professional range Yamaha U1 has had one private owner. Immaculate condition.

Used Kawai K6 Upright Piano

£6,495 Sold

We supplied this piano new in 2010. Top of the range Kawai upright piano in immaculate condition.

Used Bentley Baby Grand Piano

£4,995 In Showroom

A modern baby grand in immaculate condition.

Used Wilh. Steinberg P118 Upright Piano

£4,195 In Showroom

This wonderful piano has returned to us with very little use after its purchase new from us in 2019. A great opportunity to purchase this very popular upright.

Used Kemble Concerto Upright Piano

£3,995 Sold

One of the finest of the British made Kemble models, the concerto was always a popular choice in the showroom when we stocked new Kemble pianos. We present this piano in excellent condition, a highly recommended used piano.

Used Yamaha B3 Upright Piano

£3,950 Sold

This six year old Yamaha B3 has just arrived. As you would expect it is in immaculate condition. The cabinet is in a dark walnut satin finish.

Used Kawai K300 Upright Piano

£3,895 Sold

We supplied this piano new in 2014, it is little used and in excellent condition.

Used Kemble Cambridge Upright Piano

£3,250 In Showroom

We have looked after this impressive Kemble Cambridge piano since new and know it to be a very capable piano. Featuring a cherry satin wood finish.

Used Yamaha Upright Piano

£2,200 In Showroom

Ben has maintained this piano for many years. An excellent piano to consider for a beginner player.

Used Waldstein Upright Piano

£1,450 In Showroom

A modern entry level piano in an attractive spinet style cherry wood cabinet. One previous owner.

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