Used Pianos

A used or second hand piano can be worth considering against new options, particularly on price and aesthetic appeal. However, every used piano has a history to take into account when considering as a suitable purchase. Historic build quality, age, amount of use, stability of past environment are all relevant considerations when deciding if a used piano is a suitable choice.

All of our second hand pianos are comprehensively serviced by us before being presented for sale. The purchase prices include ground floor delivery, piano stool, guarantee and a complimentary tuning in your home.

Grotrian-Steinweg Chambre Used Grand

£31,500 In Showroom

This beautiful, immaculate grand piano has had one private owner since 2008. We have supplied many of these models new but none have sounded more beautiful than this one. We give this our highest recommendation to anyone looking for a quality 5’6” German grand piano.

Kawai KG-1 Used Grand

£7,250 Sold

A modern Kawai baby grand we have recently taken in part exchange. This piano has privately owned by one household since new. The action has just returned from our workshop after extensive servicing. A great alternative to a new GL-10 Kawai.

Yamaha C1 Baby Grand

£9,450 SOld

We supplied this Yamaha a baby grand 13 years ago and have been tuning and servicing it regularly ever since. It is in fantastic condition throughout and has an attractive mahogany cabinet. This piano was manufactured in 1997.

Bechstein Used Upright

£8,450 Available

This German upright has recently come into us in part exchange. We previously supplied this piano and have tuned and maintained it regularly.

Yamaha A1 Baby Grand

£8,250 Sold

Only a small number of A1 grands were made, we are delighted to be offering this for sale for the second time following the relocation of a local music professional. With high quality components and Japanese manufacture this is an impressive small grand piano with a big musical personality.

Yamaha GB1 Baby Grand

£7,250 Sold

Previously privately owned and little used, excellent condition.

Kawai K6 Used Upright

£6,750 Available

We supplied this top of the range Kawai upright new five years ago. With a height of 132cm this piano gives a powerful and impressive musical performance. Highly recommended.

Yamaha U1 Used Upright

£4,250 Sold

Yamaha U1 OBL dating from 1988.

Wilh. Steinberg P-121 Upright Piano - Ben Wheeler Pianos

Wilh. Steinberg P-121

£3,750 Sold

We supplied this piano brand new just two years ago.

Wilh. Steinberg P-121 Upright Piano - Ben Wheeler Pianos

Wendl & Lung Used Upright

£3,450 Available

We originally supplied this piano and have maintained it since new.

Karl Hoffman Used Upright

£2,795 Sold

Traditionally styled European upright.

Yamaha Used Upright

£2,095 Sold

Yamaha upright previously supplied by us. We have tuned it regularly and kept it in fantastic condition.

Young Chang Used Upright

£1,695 Sold

We have tuned and maintained this piano since it was new and know it to be a good, reliable entry level piano.

Eavestaff Used Upright

£1,350 Available

Eavestaff piano suitable as a first piano.

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