Bluthner Pianos

This famous and esteemed piano manufacturer began production in Leipzig in 1853. The company is still owned and run by the Bluthner family to this day and retains the reputation for building pianos of the highest quality at their factory in Leipzig. The history of the company and the passion to continue its success is very evident when visiting the factory, a truly inspiring experience.

Haessler K-Series by Bluthner

Haessler Pianos were designed in tribute to one of the great visionaries of the Bluthner company, Dr Rudolph Haessler-Bluthner. Haessler pianos are handcrafted alongside the Bluthner instruments in the factory in Leipzig, Germany. They share tonal characteristics with the Bluthner instruments whilst offering a distinct personality of their own. The build quality is superb and with a range of luxury cabinets the pianos offer a genuine German made piano at competitive prices.

Haessler K-115 by Bluthner

RRP £8,991 Sold Available to Order

Haessler K-118 by Bluthner

RRP £10,096 Sold

Haessler K-124 by Bluthner

RRP £11,119 Available to Order

Bluthner Grand Piano Model 6

The Bluthner model 6 exudes quality and refinement. The traditional Bluthner golden tone is perfectly balanced throughout the keyboard and offers an expressive musical experience. As you would expect with a piano of this quality the action is accurate and responsive providing the pianist with total control of dynamic interpretation. The model 6 is perfect in the setting of a large room of a private home and equally suitable for solo recitals or accompaniment in small venues.

RRP £53,000 In Showroom EX-Display

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