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Pianos of special interest in our showroom

Grotrian-Steinweg G-192 Grand

RRP £62,075 In Showroom

The Grotrian-Steinweg 192 grand piano is truly exceptional. The voicing and preparation on our current showroom model was carried out by Burkhard Kammerling, a particularly well regarded technician in the Grotrian factory. The musical voice of the piano is exceptional with exquisite tonal colours and a beautiful balance of tone throughout the range of the keyboard.

The 192 Grotrian has long been our favourite piano in this class, it is a joy to have such an impressive model in our showroom. As with all of the top-quality pianos a Grotrian-Steinweg piano has a character and identity of its own, this is one of the finest examples of the Grotrian-Steinweg personality. Visitors are welcome to discover for themselves the beauty of this instrument.

Wilh. Steinberg S-188 Grand in Guyanan Rosewood

RRP £35,895 Sold

This stunning Wilh. Steinberg grand piano sits centre stage in our showroom and has been much admired since its arrival.

The model S188 piano is built in Germany, complete with a Renner action and Kluge keyboard, and is a beautiful instrument to play with superb touch response and an exquisite musical tonal quality. The bespoke rosewood cabinet is beautifully finished and presents the piano as a unique and elegant furniture piece.

We are incredibly excited to have this fine piano, it is quite a talking point amongst our customers.

Wilh. Steinberg S117 Satin Walnut Upright

RRP £12,250 In Showroom

This very fine German piano has been handcrafted in Eisenberg, Germany. With a rich history of piano building Wilh. Steinberg are now producing their finest pianos to stand alongside other quality German piano manufacturers.

This S117 model has just arrived, bespoke made in a satin walnut cabinet. The touch response of the piano is enhanced by a Renner action and Kluge keyboard with skilled regulation and voicing carried out by the master technicians in the German factory. The musical tone is rich and refined making the instrument a joy to play.

Sauter Upright

RRP £9,450 In Showroom

This is a small but beautiful German piano with a refined and warm tone. We recently purchased this piano from Germany and at just five years old it is immaculate.

We highly recommend this piano to anyone looking for a small, high-quality upright piano.

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