Bluthner Model 6 Grand Piano

The Bluthner model 6 exudes quality and refinement. The traditional Bluthner golden tone is perfectly balanced throughout the keyboard and offers an expressive musical experience. As you would expect with a piano of this quality the action is accurate and responsive providing the pianist with total control of dynamic interpretation. The model 6 is perfect in the setting of a large room of a private home and equally suitable for solo recitals or accompaniment in small venues.

  • Dimensions:  148 x 190 cm
  • Colour: Black Polished

The Bluthner model 6 sits elegantly in our showroom. Everything about it exudes quality, luxury and style. The tone produced is warm and rich, the touch responsive and appealing. I always encourage visitors to try this piano, an experience worth sharing!

Ben Wheeler

Blüthner Model-6-AltView2 Grand Piano - Ben Wheeler Pianos
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