Kawai K-300 ATX3 Upright Piano

Our showrooms display an impressive range of pianos from this highly respected Japanese manufacturer. The warm resonant tone and highly responsive action set these pianos apart from other pianos in a similar price bracket.

The rich tonal qualities, advanced action response and attractive cabinets make these fine pianos an excellent choice for pianists of all abilities. They represent exceptional quality and outstanding value for money. All Kawai acoustic pianos are supplied with a ten year manufacturers warranty.

We stock the complete range of Kawai upright pianos and at least five Kawai grand pianos, including a hand-built Shigeru Kawai. All of our Kawai pianos on display are tuned regularly to ensure they are presented in the best condition.

The ever popular K-300 model with the ATX anytime system. This clever technology enables the acoustic piano to be silent while digital sounds can be played through headphones. This versatility of the ATX system allows for different voices to be played through the digital mode combined with other advanced features. Most importantly it is a fine acoustic piano that can be played silently and therefore anytime. A popular choice for good reason.

Ben Wheeler

Kawai K-300-ATX Upright Piano - Ben Wheeler Pianos
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