Wilh. Steinberg P-125 Upright Piano

The upright and grand pianos of the Performance series are based on the German WILH.STEINBERG design, crafting techniques and technologies and manufactured under authorisation by the Yichang Jinboa Musical Instrument manufacturing co. ltd, China.

Every performance series piano is delivered to the German factory where it is held in storage. Following an appropriate settling period each piano is tuned, regulated and voiced by the German master technicians in the WILH.STEINBERG factory.

I can wholeheartedly recommend playing the Performance series Steinberg pianos and comparing them against other similarly priced instruments. The construction and build quality is impressive, the tonal colours exceptional and the action beautifully weighted. The German design, materials and preparation are very evident when playing these fine pianos.

This the the largest model in the impressive Performance series line. The solid build quality and expressive musical performance offer a piano that is exceptional value. The rich and resonant tone is a testament to the skill and care taken by the voicing craftsmen in Germany to create an authentic European sound.

Ben Wheeler

Wilh. Steinberg P-125E Upright Piano - Ben Wheeler Pianos
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