Wilh. Steinberg S-130 Upright Piano

The Signature series of Wilh. Steinberg pianos are designed and handcrafted in their factory in Eisenberg, Germany. The Signature series was developed and introduced in 2015 following design improvements and optimisations. The finest materials are used by skilled craftsmen to produce instruments with an exhilarating sound quality and intense tonal properties.

Wilh. Steinberg S-Series are fine-quality hand-crafted German pianos. Each piano is musically expressive with the tone balanced beautifully throughout the keyboard. As with all Signature Series pianos the action has an assured feel synonymous with the skilled set-up of a Kluge keyboard and German Renner action. A very impressive piano with true individual character.

The largest upright in the Signature series, the S130 is a truly impressive piano. It is remarkable in its ability to offer a rich, full tone but to remain balanced and measured in its performance. The bass is powerful and resonant but not overbearing, it graduates beautifully into the middle section which, in turn blends effortlessly into the treble. A truly beautiful hand-crafted German piano of the highest quality.

Ben Wheeler

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