Dear Ben, So sorry not to have been in touch ages before now – I’ve been rather busy………………. playing my piano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben, words simply cannot describe how I feel every time I sit and play it – it is just sublime and I am transported to another place whenever I touch a single note. It happens to have coincided with the A Level recital period, so I have quite literally been practicing for hours and hours preparing for 12 recitals of 20 minutes each, but what an absolute joy it’s been. The students are playing everything from Baroque, through to big romantic concertos and some jazz impro, and the piano never ceases to amaze me as I change from one genre to another. My Head of Department, came round to play it the other day, and he fell in love with it as well. Meanwhile, thank you thank you thank you for changing my life!!! Sometimes I still can’t believe it’s really mine !!! Love, Claire

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