Welcome to the latest update, I hope you are keeping well in these difficult times. Unfortunately, the business is back in lockdown again after the buoyant spell reported in my last update. The pattern for us as a business has been for little or no activity during lockdowns followed by increased activity once restrictions are eased. Thankfully, we have all kept well but with the enhanced transmission of the new virus variant we made the decision to stop tuning visits despite the guidance that we can continue to visit homes to work. We thought long and hard about the decision to stop visits and in the end felt it was the socially responsible thing to do. We are available to take telephone enquiries and answer emails but apart from that activity is suspended until restrictions can be eased again. I am sure we can all agree that this lockdown has been a challenge and continues to be so, thank goodness that the vaccination programme is underway provide light at the end of the long tunnel.

My last update was back in September which is a measure of just how busy we were towards the end of last year. The showroom closed for the November lockdown, but we did continue to make tuning visits during that time. Either side of this time the showroom was incredibly busy with some wonderful visitors and beautiful pianos selected. The most exciting arrival for us was the Grotrian-Steinweg 192 grand, what a fabulous instrument this is! It has been too long since we last had one in stock, we are all thrilled to welcome this model back into our Grotrian line up. We also currently have an immaculate pre-owned 165 Grotrian-Steinweg grand although this is reserved for someone to try once restrictions are eased. To make myself useful in lock down I spent some time clearing, tidying and rearranging the layout in the showroom last week, the two Grotrian grand pianos look fabulous displayed together, the showroom feels even more special at the moment.

As a result of the global pandemic some pianos have been impossible to replace straight away. UK stocks of Kawai pianos have been especially depleted, Kawai UK are waiting for the arrival of a container from Japan imminently. We have three pianos on order from this shipment and are hoping to receive these before too long. We have customers waiting to see two of these models when we are able to host their visits, such a frustrating time for many small businesses but we must keep things in perspective and know that it will pass. The other challenges facing businesses are the changes resulting from leaving the European Union. I am yet to figure out exactly what this will mean for us but importing the pianos from Germany will be affected, we will use this time to explore the new processes required to ensure our supply of German pianos isn’t interrupted.

With little news to offer this brings me to the close of this update. Suffice to say I hope that you all remain safe and well and continue to enjoy your pianos. As soon as it is safe to do so we will resume tuning visits and eventually open the showroom for visitors again. I have missed all aspects of the business terribly and can’t wait for normal service to resume, I am sure that is a sentiment shared throughout the country. I am optimistic that when I write the next update there will be more to report!

Best wishes,

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