Welcome to the latest update and 2023, Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing Christmas period with much merriment and music. I certainly enjoyed a busy Christmas full of joy and the annual Christmas repertoire got bashed out on the piano. A wonderful time of year for music. I always enjoy stepping into a New Year, a time of excitement and optimism for what the year ahead may hold. I am particularly excited about 2023 for many reasons and hoping that our business can continue in the way that it always has done. In many ways it feels like a time of change as households and businesses come under pressure from increased costs and inflation. In terms of our business, I think more than ever we have to make sure that our pianos are offering market leading quality, performance and value.

To this end throughout last year and into this year I have increased our stock of Wilh. Steinberg pianos. It is hard to see a more impressive make of piano when considering quality, performance and price. For example, the S130 is the top of the range upright piano, built in Germany with a Renner action and Kluge keyboard and priced around £15,000. This is exceptional value against competitors and is reflected throughout the range. The Performance series also offers exceptional quality and value with the materials used in each upright model costing in the region of £700 more than similar priced alternatives. This is reflected in the musical performance of each piano which never fails to impress me We are planning to visit the factory in Eisenberg in March to see the Signature series pianos made and the Performance piano being prepared, undoubtedly my next update will include details of this visit.

I mentioned in my opening paragraph that it feels like a time of change. There has been much change in my life away from the business in the last three years. It has been a time of reflection and a time to consider my direction in the future. Among the many considerations was the thought of continuing my business or calling it a day and selling my pianos. The answer to this consideration arrived quickly and decisively. I thoroughly enjoy my business and it is the love of what I do that makes continuing an easy decision to make. For as long as there is a demand for the quality of pianos that we stock and the service that we offer we will continue to welcome visitors with open arms. We will never make a fortune from our business, but I have never been particularly finically motivated beyond making a decent living. Going into this New Year I am as excited by the prospects for the business as I was twenty years ago and the satisfaction that I get from doing our best for customers is as rewarding as it has ever been.

As always, all visitors are welcome to the showroom in the coming weeks and months. We have always maintained the quality of our coffee and enjoy nothing more than talking pianos and hearing them being played and enjoyed. Call, email, or text us to arrange a visit, you will be most welcome.


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