Welcome to this latest update, I am pleased to report that we are back up and running. At the time of writing the last update we had closed our doors and stopped tuning visits due to the COVID situation. Thanks to the fantastic roll out of the vaccination programme the landscape is now very much improved and with caution we are able to operate the business as normal.

With the easing of restrictions and the opening of the showroom we have, once again, seen an increased level of demand for our pianos. Our showroom is really well stocked despite the difficulties in replenishing certain pianos. The worldwide demand for shipping transportation means that some pianos will not be replaced until late in the year but other brands are less effected. In particular, our stock of Grotrian-Steinweg pianos is at a very satisfying level with five new uprights, a new 192 grand on the way and a superb 2008 165 model. We delivered our G192 grand last week, its replacement is being collected from Germany in two weeks time. We are out of stock with the Kawai K15 uprights but all other upright models are currently in stock. Today we received a beautiful polished walnut Ronisch and stocks of Wilh. Steinberg are stable for resupply.

A couple of weeks ago we purchased a beautiful restored model A Steinway. We have known this piano since its restoration around 12 years ago and have always admired it. During its extensive restoration a new Steinway action was fitted which enhanced the performance to a very high level. We didn’t expect to have this fine piano for long and it is already reserved and expected to leave us soon. I was rather looking forward to having it in the showroom for a while..

Another exceptional second-hand grand piano is the G165 Grotrian-Steinweg. We purchased this from Germany after it had been serviced by a very well-respected technician and to my mind is the best 165 that I have played. It is sure to find a good home before long, another one to enjoy while it is in the showroom.

The piano tuning diaries are full, we have a real challenge to catch up after the lockdowns. We are doing all that we can and responding to calls from customers who have noticed that we haven’t visited for a while! If you haven’t been contacted and you feel the piano needs our attention do call us and we’ll get to you as soon as we can. Our regular ordered service is certainly under pressure but we are doing all we can to get things back on track.

As things continue to improve, we will be looking to get a few events planned in the showroom. Past events have always been great fun and we are always keen to show off our showroom to new groups of people. We’ll keep you posted as we progress through the year. If any music teachers would like to use the space to host small concerts, rehearsals or masterclasses contact either Michelle or myself for a chat.

It feels great to be up and running again, all visitors are welcome to the showroom. It feels exciting to be working again with lots to look forward to and pianos to enjoy. We hope to see many of you over the coming months.

All the best

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