Having grown up with an antique Bluthner Boudoir Grand Piano in my family home, and become spoilt by its rich warm tone and responsive touch, I knew exactly what I was looking for when it came to finding a piano to go in my own home! After making a few enquiries, it became apparent that what I was looking for would not be easy to find. However, after making contact with Ben and visiting his showroom, he announced that he had found a piano that matched our description; Antique Bluthner, 6 ft 3”, roller action, responsive touch, rich tone, complete refurbish inside and out, immaculate condition. Upon viewing and trying the piano, and finding it to be everything that was promised, we snapped it up there and then. Not long afterwards, the piano arrived at our house in spotless condition, and still remarkably in tune. It now takes pride of place in the drawing room, and serves not only as a top notch instrument, but also as a spectacular feature. As a singer-songwriter, this piano will also undoubtedly be invaluable to me in future as means of self-accompaniment and as an aid to writing new songs. We are immensely grateful to Ben for his expertise and for going out of his way to help us find the piano our hearts desired. We highly recommend his service!

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