Thank you Ben! I was very sad when the time came to say goodbye to ?Grace?, the piano that was bought for me by my grandmother when I was 12. She had served faithfully for many, many years (I am a piano teacher with over 40 years teaching behind me). ?Grace? and I travelled together from England to Canada and back again, played in different climates. She survived reasonably well with the cold/heat and wet/dry changing conditions over the years but her soundboard was cracking and she needed to be replaced. So I was really delighted to be put in touch with Ben and to have such a wealth of pianos to choose from! His showrooms are full of so many beautiful pianos, far more than I have seen elsewhere! My needs were quite simple. As I am a piano teacher, I need a good ‘workhorse?, with a beautiful sound – a piano that can be relied upon to serve well into the future for both myself and my students. Ben Wheeler provided the answer! I am so pleased that he was recommended so I can find a new more modern version, my new ?Gracie? Kawai. Thank you Ben! Maggie George, Ash Vale

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