Talking to Dave Newton and some other professional jazz musicians, they recommended Yamaha and Kawai pianos especially the upright Kawai. I discovered Ben’s shop when I was googling Kawai pianos. I was very impressed when I contacted Ben and found that he had the entire range of Kawai uprights in stock for me to try, and I made an appointment on a Saturday morning. My sons and I spent a good 2 hours trying all the pianos he had in stock including the cheaper Feurich and the dearer and glorious Grotrian. Uprights and grands. Ben was happy for me to go away and think about it. He never made me feel obliged. A couple of weeks later I made an appointment after work, and Ben waited for me. I tried them all again. I had to agree with my son, that for the money the Kawai K6 was a fantastic upright, and nearly as good as the Grotrian. Ben gave me a great deal including delivery, and was very patient. I was very happy that Ben also found a home for my old Challen an old family friend with a new family. Now the Kawai K6 is installed and it is fantastic. So much pleasure to play. It has such a big sound (without being too loud, you understand) and you can enjoy the notes which just carry on they don’t fade away for ages. Great resonance from that lovely soundboard. And great dynamics you can play really soft. A real piano like this is just so much fun to play.

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