Welcome! It is has been far too long since I wrote an update. The excuses remain the same of being incredibly busy and so on, I will resolve to do better and try to prioritise my regular musings. It is that time of year when nature inspires me to resurrect Autumn Leaves, I should be quite good it at by now! It is this time of year that we all tend to gravitate back towards our pianos as the nights draw in and the jumpers go on, last year I may have said the heating comes on! So, a busy and exciting time for us in the piano business. 

Despite the troubles around us I am pleased to report that business for us has remained stable and enjoyable. We have seen many pianos depart the showroom destined for eager recipients, and witnessing the excitement of choosing and receiving a piano remains our greatest satisfaction. 

As it has been such a long time since my last update I must think back to some memorable departures. The very beautiful Wilh. Steinberg in polished Guayanan Rosewood has to get a mention. I loved having this piano in the showroom, it was so exotic and caused quite a stir! It was the most beautiful piano, I was delighted that it was chosen by a local customer, I will be able to enjoy it from time to time on tuning visits! I am incredibly excited to receive a replacement Wilh. Steinberg in a polished Apple wood finish, it is due in this very day!

Another notable departure was our fabulous Grotrian-Steinway 192 cm grand piano. This was selected by a customer from London, the piano let us to be crated and sent overseas, very exciting!

Our stock of Wilh.Steinberg pianos has steadily increased during the year. We now display each of the German Signature series uprights and two grands plus the Performance series uprights and a grand. We are planning to visit the factory very soon which I am sure to wax lyrical about in a future update.  Both the Performance and Signature series pianos offer exceptional value for money. The Signature series are hand crafted German pianos that can compete against any rival for quality and tonal performance. The Performance series are well made and benefit from set up and voicing in the German factory, a mouth watering combination at their price. The recent success of Wilh. Steinberg has been impressive, they are a small, highly skilled and motivated workforce achieving great success through their hard work and endeavour. As with all fine pianos, ultimately it is the performance of the piano that will lead to its selection. 

Since COVID there has been difficulty around the supply of Kawai pianos. I am pleased to report that we are now stocked with most of the uprights and a few grands. We are still waiting for the GX series but do have two Shigeru grands sat side by side! As ever, the support and help from Kawai has been second to none and I am looking forward to a lunch with Neil, the first time I will have seen him since COVID. 

Tuning remains a constant enjoyment and the diaries continue to be full. Life on the road is great fun and a contrast to being in the showroom, both contribute to the joy of the other.  

We have much to look forward to in the coming months, as ever we are keen to welcome visitors to the showroom. I am rather proud of the pianos that we have on display.

All the best


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