Alright: I have finally reached the guilt stage, but It’s not my fault! Yes, I did promise to write a testimonial for Ben Wheeler Pianos way back in March (it is now almost August) but I’m really not to blame. If Ben will insist on guiding people to the perfect piano for them, he really should expect to have to wait a while, until they can reluctantly drag themselves away from playing the piano for a few moments, in order to write the promised testimonial for his website! Not that Ben has complained, of course: it’s one of his “Foibles”, to be perfectly cheerful, enthusiastic, and patient throughout the whole process, not forgetting his knack of accurately assessing the kind of piano that suits you best, while applying absolutely no pressure at all. The trouble with Ben is that he doesn’t want to simply sell you a piano, take your money and run: he only wants to sell you a piano if it’s the right piano for you, and if it is within the budget with which you are comfortable. Well honestly, when all that comes together, which of course it did for me, naturally I’m going to be besotted with the wonderful Grotrian Steinweg that is now mine: and how difficult it is to leave it alone for a while! So now you know why it isn’t my fault that it has taken me from March until August to write this, I can say the most important thing:- “Thank you so much Ben, for my lovely, lovely piano, which gives me joy every day….. Can I go back to it now, please?” Sue Totterdell Basingstoke 

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